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What is an upsell offer?

L'upsell is an Marketing strategy which consists of offering other products to your visitors, to increase the value of their basket.

Imagine you are selling tennis racquets and someone buys one. After the purchase is processed and payment is made, you can gift balls with a 10% discount.

Even if the person has no intention of buying anything else, the upsell can arouse their interest in acquiring new products.

You understand the importance of create upsell offers to increase the average basket of your visitors.

So how?

Create an automated post-order upsell offer with Vanga

One of the best times to offer an upsell offer is after ordering. Once your visitor places an order, they are much more apt to recommend.

This is exactly what the Shopify app offers Vanga, create offers ofautomatic upsells, directly after the order confirmation, on the thank you page.

An algorithm uses customer order data to learn how your customers are buying and provides the most relevant upsell offers.

Vanga learns how your customers react to upsells to automatically optimize your conversion rates.VangaVanga makes creating upsells very easy, with an intuitive clear chart.

Vanga Dashboard

In addition to offering a whole host of innovative functions, Vanga does not require no code changes, you don't have to touch anything in your theme, it will work directly after installation and creation of the first upsell offers.

How to get $2000 credit?

This application works with a credit system. When you install the app, you receive $1000 directly credit. But that's not all ! You can get an additional $1000 by entering the code FUZNET here:

Do not hesitate to test the application to increase your average basket and therefore your turnover!

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