Shopify: transition to 2.0, what's new?

Shopify: transition to 2.0, what's new?

By the end of 2021, Shopify will update the architecture and the theme editor. Here is what will change.

Updates to theme architecture

Sections everywhere

Currently, the section system only worked on the home page, which limited the customization of its store without modifying the code or installing apps like PageFly.

In 2.0, all of that will change. E-merchants will now be able to add sections to all the pages of their theme (product, collection, blog article, contact, etc.). 

Blocks to organize your pages

You will now be able to organize your pages using movable blocks. This will allow you to control every single line.

For example, for a product page, you will be able to display, move or even hide elements such as:

  • the title ;
  • the price ;
  • the add to cart button;
  • the description ;
  • the share buttons;
  • etc.

Block products

If certain applications allow it, it will even be possible to add them directly from the block system.

Adding application block

Theme editor improvements

The Shopify theme editor now offers all of a page's content in a sidebar, so it's easy to edit without having to navigate to every section.

From this sidebar you will be able to manage most of the blocks except the header and footer (which can contain blocks that can be moved or hidden, but cannot be hidden themselves) .

Shopify theme editor in action

The Beginning theme gives way to the Dawn theme

With the launch of 2.0, Shopify has rolled out a brand new core theme that contains all of the features listed above and has a significant improvement in loading speed.

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