Shopify: host and distribute your videos on the internet with these 3 sites

Shopify: host and distribute your videos on the internet with these 3 sites

Your new video is finally created, but where do you plan to put it so people can see it?

There are many reasons why host it directly on your server is a bad idea (unlike photos for example).

First, your video will not perform as well as you would have hoped it would. Video files tend to be rather large, consuming a lot of bandwidth but also consuming storage space available on your server.

This is why you will need a video hosting platform. Free video hosting sites are possible if your goal is to generate more traffic on your online store, or if you want to improve your Conversion rate and your engagement ; but also if you are looking for a more detailed performance analysis.

So we are going to introduce you to the 3 best video hosting sites.


Youtube is one of the best platforms to host your video. Every minute, we count more than 300 hours of downloaded video and it is one of the most used search engines in the world.

If you want to gain subscribers with your videos, monetize them and reach a large audience, then Youtube is for you! In addition, downloading the videos is free although advertisements will be displayed either before or during your video.



Facebook also allows its users to download videos by hosting them on the site. You can download up to 4 hours of video! Afterwards, it is very easy to share your videos.

It is also possible for you to share your videos elsewhere than on Facebook, thanks to an integration system allowing you to distribute your content on your own site, without you having to host it yourself.



Public chat Dailymotion, you can benefit from a free or paid account, where a partnership program is offered to you, offering you advertising revenue and better visibility.

Your videos will not be exempt from advertisements but they will appear by default at the end of the video. Like other hosting sites, you will be able to embed your videos on other websites.

However, they will not be able to exceed more than 60 minutes and even if you take the paid account option, your statistics will remain quite basic.


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