Shopify and email marketing: improve the subject line of your emails with these 5 tips

Shopify and email marketing: improve the subject line of your emails with these 5 tips

Nowadays, inbound marketing holds an important place because it allows to concentrate the sending of email on the real needs of the customers. However, writing an email with high added value will be of no use if no one opens it ...

Therefore, you will have to pay attention to the subject of your emails. Want to know how to write eye-catching headlines that will spark interest in your followers and make them want to open them? Discover our 5 tips to improve the subject line of your emails.

Be "brief"

Despite the fact that there is no official rule about this, keep in mind that the number of characters displayed by each email client is limited.

At the top of the list:

Gmail: 77
Yahoo: 77
Outlook: 60
Thus, it will be better not to aim for the maximum limit, but rather to target an average of 50 characters. A shorter title will have more impact and therefore be more interesting.

Put aside words and phrases considered "spam"

If you weren't already aware, there are certain words and phrases that couriers consider spam. Especially :

Clearance or promotion
"Amazing deal"
And many more functions
So remember not to use them in your email subject lines.

Using emojis

We see them everywhere: we use them in our messages, on social networks but also in emailing where they are increasingly popular. They catch our eye and give a "fresh blow" to the subject of an email. Well chosen, they will allow the Internet user to have an idea of ​​the topic approached, even before having read the text.

One of their uses, and not the least, is that they can replace words, allowing you to gain extra characters.

Be careful though to test them on different devices because some could be displayed differently depending on the smartphones or email clients, your effect should not be lost ...

Be reasonable in the use of promotional offers

You should not rely on your emails to promote only your business offers.

Indeed, over the years, Internet users have probably received hundreds of sometimes insistent emails, the only objective of which is to encourage them to buy thanks to last-minute promotions or stock liquidations ... nothing special, many prefer to delete these messages.

Inbound marketing assumes that you are able to predict the needs of your target audience. Likewise, segmentation will remain the best option for delivering relevant promotional content.

This way, you will be able to offer your offers without them always being addressed to the same people.

Do an A / B testing

A / B testing allows you to test several variants of the same object that differ according to a single criterion to know which version obtains the best results.

Here, choose two different objects. The first object will be sent to one part of your segment while the second will be sent to the other part. After that, you just have to compare and analyze the statistics to see which of the two had the best open rate and conversion.

You now have all the keys in hand to improve the subject line of your emails!

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