Shopify and E-commerce: the impact of customer reviews on your business

Shopify and E-commerce: the impact of customer reviews on your business

We've all watched customer reviews brand, product or service, before ordering. They allow consumers to be reassured in a certain way, but also give credibility to your store. But do you really know what the impact of customer reviews is?

Why collect customer reviews?

According to the study conducted by IFOP, "88% of Internet users will consult customer reviews" which will influence them subsequently in their purchasing decision.

Thus, these opinions are seen as a decisive element in the purchasing process, and they should not be put aside.

The importance of customer reviews on your e-commerce site

Putting aside the fact that they improve the user experience of your prospects but that they also help them decide to make a purchase on your site, it is useful to know the impact that these opinions will have on your E-commerce site.

Free advertising

Yes, because even if Internet users do not always intend to buy, more than half of them will still search for consumer reviews on Google when they want to know more about a brand. .

Which proves two things to us:

  • That the client places his trust in the opinion of his peers;
  • That it is important to maintain a positive image of your online store.

This is how, through these recommendations and these proofs of satisfaction, the user will make the decision to buy, or to return to the site at a later date.

Customer reviews are therefore a good free publicity tool, which will be of great help to you!

Improved visibility

As said in our article 5 reasons to blog for your business, if an article generates interaction, and therefore comments, it will be referenced much better. Why ? Because a comment is what is called user-generated content, and it is one of the many criteria of Google and search engines that allow improve your referencing (SEO).

Don't panic if you don't have a blog or if you have few comments, all you need to do is collect customer reviews in order to create this user-generated content.

The greater the number of your reviews, the more search engines will consider your page as relevant to Internet users.

Increased turnover

It is estimated that the increase in sales is 18% on average and that consumers spend up to "31% more after reading customer reviews".

Negative opinions: how to deal with them?

By posting reviews on your site, you will also collect negative reviews. But this is not necessarily a bad thing for your notoriety, on the contrary! Here are a few reasons:

Consumers will have more confidence in a site with a few negative reviews displayed, rather than a site with only positive reviews, thus generating a feeling of doubt.

A negative comment is to seize the opportunity to respond intelligently, to try to understand the customer's dissatisfaction. The goal is to provide a solution, while improving your services. According to a study by Reevo: "The conversion rate would increase by 67% if there was a negative comment, if you answered it and provided a solution."

Don't overlook positive reviews either, because like negative reviews, your responses to those reviews prove that you value customer relationships!

Do you want to install a customer reviews app for your Shopify store?

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