Shopify: Create an Affiliate System with Affiliatly

Shopify: Create an Affiliate System with Affiliatly

What is affiliation?

We talk a lot about this activity on the internet, but it already existed long before the beginnings of the net!

Today, affiliation is used in particular by The bloggers et influencers, who derives their main income from this activity.

First of all, here's a very simple definition: a affiliated receives a financial gratuity from a merchant for each customer brought back.

Affiliation is therefore a win-win system. If the affiliate can earn an income, the merchant benefits from more visibility and also more sales! As a website owner, it's like having one or more sales people working for you.

There are several types of affiliation, such as:

  • Le PPC, or pay-per-clik: it is about paying your affiliate for each visitor to your website, even if the visitor does not make a purchase.
  • Le PPV, or pay-per-sale: here, you pay the affiliate each time a sale is made through them.

As a merchant site, you have every right to have multiple affiliates, just as an affiliate can work with multiple sites.

affiliationAffiliation allows the merchant to promote his website to a greater number, while motivating the people who make it possible, via a (financial) reward.

You are free to set the amount of remuneration for your affiliates. It can be a fixed amount, paid for each visit or each sale, or a percentage. If you have more than one affiliate, you can also offer a different program for each.

Remember that there are a large number of affiliate systems, and in order to get as many affiliates as possible, websites do not hesitate to offer ever more interesting programs.

Before setting the compensation you are going to offer your affiliates, take a look at your competitors to find out what they are offering. Indeed, affiliates will turn to the most interesting program for them.

Create an Affiliate System on Shopify with Affiliatly

To set up an affiliate system on your Shopify site, nothing could be simpler thanks to Affiliate !

affiliationIndeed, you can include this application directly on your Shopify store so that everything is automated.

You will thus have access to a complete dashboard allowing you to configure your affiliate program as you see fit, and track the overall results, for each of your affiliates.

Affiliate side, they also have access allowing them to track their results, share their affiliate links and download the banners needed to generate income.

Thanks to Affiliatly, others than you will take care of the game marketing. Without you having to worry about it, your traffic will increase, just like your sales!

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