Shopify: google merchant account suspended, what to do?

As an amazing promotion tool for products E-commerce, Google Shopping does not escape the strict laws erected by Google. So that Internet users can benefit from a good shopping experience, Google has implemented a wide range of rules to be respected by all those wishing to make the engine their showcase. But when the rules are not applied, the sentence falls and the verdict is the suspension of your account. Faced with this, what to do? We give you our advice in this article!

What is Google Merchant Center?

Le Merchant Center is the source of information that Google Shopping uses to create your ads. If your Google Merchant Center account is not fully optimized, your Google Shopping campaigns will fail and be ineffective.

The Google Merchant Center platform allows you to maintain information about the products sold by your online store or about the products that you sell in physical stores.

To put it simply, the Merchant Center aims to facilitate the uploading and modification of product references in order to publish ads in Google Shopping.

The main reasons for a suspended account

There are many reasons for a Google Merchant account to be suspended, however here are the most common ones:

  • Missing contact details: your contact information must be compliant and properly filled in.
  • Refund terms not indicated: indicate the return and refund conditions on your site.
  • Unclaimed Store URL: You need to verify and claim your website.
  • Prices shown in product data different from landing page prices: Your Merchant Center feed must match the product data in the CMS.

How do I reactivate a suspended Google Merchant account?

We are going to present you 2 solutions to recover your account. 

Reactivate your "self" account

  • To recover their Merchant Center account: Fix the issues that caused your account to be suspended.
  •  To reactivate your Merchant Center account: Then ask Google Merchant Center support to review your account. If new errors on your product feed are detected you will remain suspended. If not, your Merchant center account will be active again!
  • Request Merchant Center Account Re-Review: If your first unlock request with google support fails, you will be left with a single opportunity to request a review from the Google Merchant Center team. If the errors are still not resolved, your account will be frozen and not re-activable for 1 week.

This is where the second solution comes into play. 

Have your account reactivated by an expert

fuznet, merchant center account suspendedWe offer on our account Fuznet on 5 euros reactivate your suspended merchant center account for Shopify. To do this, just click right here

"Selling on Google Shopping is a big advantage since Google is the number 1 search engine.
In France, its market share is over 90%. It is therefore on average 9 out of 10 Internet users who go through Google when launching a search on the web. 

This is why through this service we will do everything we can to lift the suspension. Every issue raised by Google will be corrected to allow you to sell again on their platform."



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