How to translate color and size in French

Shopify, how to translate color and size in French

When you import products from another platform like AliExpress, options such as Color, Size, Material etc.. are not translated into French.

If you have few products, you can translate them by hand via the product pages.

Color and Size

But when the list of products gets longer, it's a real waste of time.

That's why there are apps like Replace which will allow you to replace elements, words or phrases, in all your Shopify listings in a single action. And so in the following case, translate color and size into French.

Install the app then find and replace the desired option. Here it will be "color".

Translate color and size

And now, voila. In the example above, 48 products have had their "Color" options changed to "Color".

A great time saver.

The app being created by me, support it by leaving a customer review!

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