Shopify: how to skip the cart and get straight to checkout?

Shopify: how to skip the cart and get straight to checkout?

Why skip the shopping cart step?

The basket can be practical in some cases but most of the time, it wastes time for our potential customers.

Indeed, in E-commerce, one of the strategies for increase your conversion rate is to reduce the duration of sales tunnel. The shorter it is, the fewer abandoned baskets there are.

It is therefore preferable to speed up certain stages, such as the shopping cart stage.

Redirect the buy button at checkout (HTML method)

Redirecting the "Add to cart" button when placing an order (checkout) is not very difficult but requires knowing a minimum of the code of your Shopify theme.

Note: To go directly to the easy step with an application click here.

Find the beacon or {% endform%}

These tags are usually in the following sections / templates:

  • product-template.liquid (Debut example)
  • main-product.liquid (example Dawn)
  • product.liquid
  • prod-form.liquid

Then paste the following line of code above:

<input type="hidden" name="return_to" value="/checkout" />


Redirect the buy button at checkout (application method)

Don't feel like messing around with your Shopify theme? Then this method is for you. In less than 20s your "Add to cart" button will redirect to the checkout.

Step 1: Install CoverUp


We will use the app CoverUp, which only requires a payment of only $ 4.99 unlike other apps with a monthly subscription.

Step 2

In fact there is no step 2, it is already finished. With CoverUp, you don't have to do anything except activate it.

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