Shopify: How to create a pre-launch page to announce your new products?

Shopify: How to create a pre-launch page to announce your new products?

Do you like the cinema? One of the most effective ways to keep people excited about a new movie is to play the trailer. In the context of a business it is the same, in the form of a pre-launch page.

Why create a "teaser" page?

pre-launch pageTemporary, the pre-launch page will give your customers an overview of the product or service, its availability date etc. Its goal is to generate enough interest in order to create enthusiasm around this novelty.

The marketing campaigns aimed at promoting a service begin weeks or even months in advance. The objective is to generate profits quickly in order to make the research and development of the product profitable.

The pre-launch page will also help build a community. For this, it will be necessary to regularly post content to cause impatience.

In addition, with this preview, you will be able to collect the opinions of consumers through which you will evaluate the relevance of your project ; as well as the points to improve before the official launch.

How to set up your pre-launch page?

Think about your target

You not only want consumers to be curious about your product, but to have a genuine interest in this future article. Attract them to make them want to take advantage of this offer ... or another service offered by your company.

To do this, include as much information as possible, while thinking of your target. What are their expectations? How can you help him? ...

See beyond the sale

Indeed, your page should not only be limited to selling that one product or service. You can also use it to educate new customers about the benefits of your business.

Then, also consider integrating statistics on the overall satisfaction of your users or what your business has done for them.
Thus, confidence in your product will be enhanced, which will encourage visitors to leave their email addresses.

Optimizing the call to action

The main purpose of the pre-launch page is to collect emails. This is why the call to action is the most important part.

Make sure that your "A kind request"is clearly visible thanks to bright and contrasting colors, which will attract the eye.
To make it easier for your visitors, be sure to place the button:

  • At the top of the page, above the waterline and below the tagline.
  • In the middle, after a relevant argument.
  • Next to the registration field.
  • Right at the bottom at the end of your presentation.

 Take care of your copy

In order to convince the visitor to leave their email, you have to use the right words, because high quality images and design that catch the eye will not be enough.
To have a quality text, think about:

  • Write a catchy headline
  • Arouse emotion
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • To make a promise
  • Incite curiosity
  • Ask us something here

To conclude, the pre-launch page will create impatience, while highlighting your business. A community will gradually build up around your new project. The goal ? Sell ​​your novelty as soon as it is released!

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