Keep your visitors longer on Shopify

Keep your visitors longer on Shopify

More than 50% of Internet users spend less than fifteen seconds on a website. You can imagine that this time is too short to convert your visitors. In order to reach your engagement and sales goals, this visit time must be increased.

We will give you 5 tips to achieve this!

1. Airing the design 

When web design restricts the user experience, visitors don't linger on your site and leave it quickly. The best way to persuade them to continue browsing your site is to refresh the interface.

To do this, know that the most important content must appear at the top of the page. It is the latter that will directly attract the attention of visitors. It can be a photo, video or even a slogan, but it must be visible!

However, in order for your content to catch the eye, consider lighten the design. Minimize tabs in the navigation menu, eliminate all distractions (pop-ups, self-launching video ...) and make sure you have a unique "call to action" per page. So, if there is less to look at, users will be more in favor of focusing on one point and staying longer.

2. Submit an interactive experience

And for that what better than the video! It turns out that this format is effective in keeping visitors. Choose a video aimed at them, their problems and which will offer to help them.

Interaction is also about encouraging visitors to react to your content. If you generally attract your prospects through blog posts, ask them questions so that they stay longer.

Our tip

Start a debate at the end of the article or create a poll that will make your visitors feel included. They will want to stay and watch other content.

3. Use a chatbot

It is also possible toinsert a chatbot. It is the "must have" in terms of interactions! It will converse with Internet users and keep them on your site. However, it should be useful for:

  • Guide them in their purchase,
  • Their product advisor,
  • Offer them content that answers their questions, etc.

 The more relevant your chatbot, the more your visitors will progress in their purchase journey.

4. Create content that analyzes quickly

These days, it is rare for users to read the content of an article word by word. They tend to "scan" the page with their eyes, looking for words or phrases that will answer their problems. And if they don't find anything relevant during this "scan", they will leave the site to go to the next search engine result.


So-called “scannable” content is characterized by a coherent structure made up of titles and sub-titles.

5. Choose the right time to open pop-ups

If you are a student, this silver necklace is absolutely your first choice. The silver color will show your vitality and your youth. open a pop-up from the first seconds when the visitor has just arrived, you risk scaring him away. If he doesn't know your site in advance, why should he give you his email address?

First of all, the pop-up should appear on a relevant page and not on the home or search page, at least that is not recommended.

Then schedule the opening at the right time, the visitor should have had time to see what content you are offering. Here are some examples of the right times:

  • From 10 seconds of navigation,
  • When the visitor scrolls to the middle of the page,
  • When it is about to leave your site.

When pop-ups are delivered at the right time, they will aim to help users choose between leaving the site or staying in touch with your brand by email instead.

In conclusion, attracting visitors to your site is essential for increase conversions. By streamlining the design and offering interaction, with relevant content accessible to all, you have all the keys in hand!

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