Shopify: allow your customers to pay in installments

Shopify: allow your customers to pay in installments

Many customers today are looking for the possibility of pay in multiple times when shopping on the net. Many sites offer this payment solution. But if you use the Shopify CMS for your E-commerce site, you may not have been able to set up this means of payment.

Payment in installments via Shopify

Payment in installments via Shopify

Shopify, CMS e-commerce solution well-known, now available via the app, the possibility for your customers to pay in installments.

When paying for their basket, your customer can therefore choose between a standard payment (in cash) and a payment in installments.

Once the application is installed on your site, you will have the possibility of customizing the payment conditions, namely, the amount of the first regulation, frequency (weekly, monthly ... etc.) and the duration reimbursement (payment in 3 installments, 4 installments… or more). You set the maximum limits, and your client can choose according to their budget. If you want you can add costs when your customer chooses a payment in installments rather than a cash payment.

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Thanks to the dashboard, you will be able to see at a glance all installment payments being paid, and follow up until the balance of the invoice. You will be informed in the event of a problem direct debit, or when the payment card your customer used expires, so you can do the right thing quickly.

Automate many of your tasks through this application, especially mails sent to your customers, but also the automatic payment customer payments to your bank account!

Being able to pay in installments thanks to this news secure application, will allow you tosignificantly increase your visits, and by ricochet, your sales !

A real asset for your e-commerce site

To integrate application to your Shopify CMS will be a real asset for your e-commerce site.

Indeed, how many customers did not validate their order because the amount of their basket seemed to them too high compared to their budget?

How many customers have already asked you for the possibility of paying in several installments without taking out a loan?

By now offering them the possibility of pay their basket in several installments, depending on what their bank account allows them, you will increase your sales and therefore your profits.

By going through this fully secure application and available in several languages and several countries, so you can focus on developing your business and your website.

The installation of is completely free, but some fees may apply when using it. These are however quite low, so go ahead and take advantage of this new payment solution on Shopify !

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