Shopify: 5 reasons to use the e-gift card to improve your business

Shopify: 5 reasons to use the e-gift card to improve your business

La gift card has been able to seduce for several years now. It has become essential for birthdays or end-of-year celebrations. The buyer knows that he is going to please, and the user can then use it as he wishes. 

While for traders, thanks to the electronic gift card, they will be able to build customer loyalty and increase sales, especially in the run-up to Christmas when some consumers go about it at the last minute.

What is the e-gift card?

La e-gift card is like the physical gift card, but digital. No more waiting for delivery to receive your card, e-card is immediately sent by email to the recipient.

Customizable, usable on different devices, the digital card has it all.

Discover the 5 reasons to use the digital card to improve the business of your company!

Gift card

Increase your turnover

The gift card is like a new product offered on the market, therefore an opportunity to increase its turnover. Note that the latter not only takes into account the purchase of the card, but also includes additional income. This corresponds to the additional expenses incurred by users, beyond the amount of the e-card.

Compulsive purchases by beneficiaries are also common, which will only increase the value of the cards.

They make you want to buy more

Gift cards show rounded amounts such as 40 or 60€, which does not always correspond to the price of the articles. That's why they usually buy a slightly more expensive product, or even a second item.

Attract new prospects

Among the many people who buy an e-gift card on the site of a brand or a store, a large majority are new customers, which would not have come before. These prospects are looking for the perfect gift for their loved one who already loves the brand or who might like it.

So, by simply buying the e-card, we are sure not to make a mistake and to please!

Generate last minute sales

During important periods of the year such as Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day, the e-gift card generates more sales than "normal" periods of the year.

There are those who are looking for a quick gift, those who are still afraid of choosing wrong and disappointing, who therefore prefer to opt for the digital card. Thanks to it, there is something for everyone and it allows to target latecomers until the last minute.

Offer a gift card instead of a refund

Many small traders are unwilling to refund and prefer to exchange the items. If the product is not defective, legally, nothing obliges them to refund you. However, from a business point of view, this strategy is not a good one.

The best solution is to offer a voucher in the form of a gift card or e-gift card. Thus, the customer can come back later when he wants, and it's always better than a simple voucher.

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