Shopify: 5 apps to manage your out-of-stock products

Shopify: 5 apps to manage your out-of-stock products

The management of a Shopify e-commerce site also involves the management of your stock. Thus, it is important for your customers to be sure that once the order is placed, they will receive all the products purchased.

For that, we propose you 5 apps that will allow you to manage your out-of-stock products.

Out-of-Stock Font

The application Out-of-Stock Font will allow you to reorganize the products displayed on your site according to the state of your stock. Thus, those that are out of stock will be automatically moved to the bottom of your collection so that they are not seen by your customers.

In order to maintain good visibility of your e-commerce site, out-of-stock products remain indexed by search engines. This allows customers to be redirected to your store when they search for one of these products on the internet.

In addition, the application can follow your inventory cycles. Assign a specific duration to products that are out of stock. Pass this period, if they have not been replenished they will be automatically hidden.

Stockly: Out-of-Stock Cleaner

The application Stockly is useful if you want your out-of-stock products to be automatically removed from your e-commerce site. The deletion is useful for merchants selling unique products. If you have the possibility to restock, the ideal is to request that these products are only hidden so that they are no longer visible to customers. So, as soon as you restock them, you just have to reactivate them with a single click.

This solution allows you to offer your customers better readability of your catalog. An improved shopping experience will lead to an increase in your conversion rate.

Back In Stock (In Stock Alert)

The application Back In Stock allows you to be informed in real time of movements in your stock of products so that you can react quickly.

Thus, customers have the possibility to ask to be informed as soon as the restocking of their favorite product is made. The Back In Stock application takes care of this automatically by sending an email, an SMS or a message on the Messenger application. This solution is ideal for e-commerce sites since it allows you to recover lost buyers. In addition, it is possible for buyers to personalize their alert on a particular detail such as size, color, etc.

Alerts are quickly configurable and customizable as desired. This is valid for notifications sent to your customers, but also for alerts sent to you.


The application PreOrder allows you to continue selling your out-of-stock products using various possibilities.

So, whether they are products whose stock is exhausted or products that will be launched soon, you can offer pre-order to your customers.

So that the latter have the information that it is a pre-order, the products concerned will be clearly identified using badges.

This feature therefore makes it possible to increase your average basket, and to inform your customer of the date of receipt of the pre-ordered product.

Inventory Alert

Application Iinventory Alert allows e-commerce site managers to receive alerts on the status of their stock. This way, you can be sure to offer your customers products that are always in stock.

You can define precisely when you want to receive the alert. This can indeed be triggered when your stock drops below a limit that you have set. This then allows you to initiate restocking with your supplier.

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