Shopify: 5 apps that work with Amazon

Shopify: 5 apps that work with Amazon

The Amazon is the leader ofE-commerce. It is therefore interesting to take advantage of its notoriety, its advantageous prices and its customers, for its Shopify store.

Here are 5 Shopify applications that will interact with the Amazon marketplace!

Login with Amazon

Your customers can use their Amazon credentials to sign in to your Shopify store.

Price: free.


Allows you to dropshipping with products on Amazon.

Price: from € 14.95 / month to € 24.95 / month.

Amazon by codisto

Publish your products on Amazon and reach millions of visitors.

Price: free.

Amazon Reviews by Reputon

Import customer reviews from Amazon to your Shopify store.

Price: from 5.99 € / month.

Spreadr App - Amazon Importer

Monetize your store with the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Price: 5 € / month.

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