Shopify: 4 Tips for Getting Customer Reviews

Shopify: 4 Tips for Getting Customer Reviews

Regardless of the field of activity in which you practice, the customers' opinion on your business have a major role in bringing you credibility and attracting new prospects.

It is estimated that 88% of consumers consult reviews before a purchase. Of course, if there are only negative reviews, they will go their way; but if they are non-existent, they might be suspicious. 

We are therefore going to give you 4 tips for getting advice on your business!

Schedule the sending of an email inviting you to leave a review after each order

For e-commerce stores, the feedback system is essential.

The latter includes the automation of an e-mail that will be sent after you have scheduled it at a defined time (delivery times + 2-3 days after receiving the order), in which you remind the customer that he has the possibility of leaving an opinion on your site, on your networks ... To have more luck with this method, give him the link which will redirect him directly to the opinion page.


Offer "mini gifts" in exchange for a review for your site

In order to have a good e-reputation, you can offer mini gifts such as vouchers or free product samples for any comments left on your services.

It's an interesting method to get feedback!

Include an insert in your newsletters

Each week you send a newsletter to your customers? In this case, at the end of the page, add an insert that will allow them to leave you a review or to recommend your skills to other people.

A customer who is satisfied with your product or your services will be more inclined to accept your request and will leave you a good review more easily.

Develop a community on social networks

Social networks can help promote rapid business development. Quite simply because Internet users like to gather around the same center of interest, to discuss, to share with others.

Thus, by creating a community Around your activity, Internet users will feel involved in your project, will provide you with their support, and you will gradually be able to develop a relationship of trust.

As a result, you will be on your way to naturally gaining positive reviews from your customers. Whether it is by leaving a notice on your Facebook page, under a post, or by retweeting one of your articles with a positive comment, highlight these "attentions" that you can transform into a publication on your networks.

customers' opinion

To conclude, keep in mind that positive reviews will only be obtained if your services are of quality. You will have to meet the expectations of your customers, offer them guarantees, regardless of your field.

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