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What are the key information to put on a product sheet?

Your product sheets must make the customer want to buy. They have a double utility: to allow the referencing of your products on the net and to influence the customer in his decision to buy. It is still necessary that he can find all the necessary and important information there so that he has enough confidence to place an order.  

We will therefore see what are the key information to put in order to have sales product sheets and so increase your turnover.

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Important information

Among the key elements that must be found in a product sheet (logistics and service part), there must be at least:

  • product availability,
  • secure payment,
  • delivery terms and costs,
  • the delivery time,
  • the return policy,
  • warranty,
  • customer service contact details, etc.

As for the descriptive elements, they consist above all of:

  • of the image,
  • the name of the article,
  • price,
  • of the brand,
  • variations (color, size, weight, volume, etc.),
  • from the description,
  • maintenance,
  • the composition of the ingredients (for cosmetic or food products for example),
  • etc.


The price must of course appear on your product sheet and be put forward. It concerns in particular:

  • Le standard rate de the item;
  • The possible discounts of the moment ;
  • The delivery rates.

Additional information

To make a product sheet even more complete, there is a lot of information that you can add, depending on your field of activity and your goals, such as: 

  • A size guide, allowing the customer to select the item that corresponds to him;
  • La list of ingredients in the composition of a product;
  • The different item options (colors and models available, etc.);
  • The consumer reviews, many people refer to it before making a purchase. According to an IFOP study released in 2021, "75% of people say they actively check reviews to get information about a business they're interested in."
  • Product  "urgent" messages, such as the deadline for promotions, the number of products in stock, etc. This sense of urgency can help the customer validate his order;
  • And more ! 

Easily display information on product pages with Xtra Info

Some display possibilities are integrated with Shopify themes, but you will not be able to put everything without modifying the code of these.

This is why there is Extra Info. This Shopify app will make it possible to display information on the product sheets, in a strategic location. In just a few clicks.

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