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Spy on your competitors' Facebook ads

How to spy on Facebook ads?

Browse your facebook news feed waiting to come across advertisements is long and tedious.

This is why it is advisable to use a web extension (Chrome) which will help you quickly collect all the trending advertisements of the moment.

Indeed, the chrome extension My Ad Hunter will allow you to hide all facebook posts to display ads only. A great time saver !

My Ad Hunter

In addition, all ads found will be archived in a dashboard. You can then organize, save, delete ads to work effectively on your marketing strategy. 

Why Spy on Facebook Ads?

Create a Dropshipping Site

Le dropshipping is a sales method that is now very widespread and known. Spy on trending ads on Facebook with My Ad Hunter can help you with Dropshipping. Indeed, you can take inspiration from what works, trendy products of the moment, to create your own Dropshipping store.

Take inspiration from ad formats

You have a shop, a product, a service to promote on facebook but you don't know how to highlight it in an advertisement? Spy on current Facebook ads, with our Chrome extension, will help you achieve your advertising. You can take inspiration from promotional images, catchphrases, etc.

find advertisements

Have you recently seen an ad that interested you personally or professionally, but you can't find it because it's buried in your friends' posts? Using the previously mentioned chrome extension may be a good solution for you. You will be able to hide all posts and find the advertisement you want very quickly.

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