Bulk Edit Shopify Product Descriptions

Bulk Edit Shopify Product Descriptions

You have dozens, see hundreds, of products in your Shopify store and need quickly edit descriptions ?

Here is a major challenge! This is because Shopify does not offer this type of mass modification. If you want modify all your product descriptions or a large part, you will have to do it one by one or export your product catalog to Excel. In short, a real hell that will take a long time.

Don't worry, now there is a solution.



This Shopify app will save you precious time. Indeed, it will allow you to replace:

  • words;
  • sentences;
  • characters;
  • code.

replace words

In all your Shopify product descriptions, in one go!

Some examples

The dates

Did you want to be more convincing by inserting dates in your descriptions? Good idea, but the years change!

"This is the product of the year 2020", "Prepare for summer 2020 with this top trendy product", etc.

With Replaceit, with just one mouse click you can change all dates for 2021, 2022 etc.

Product imports via a dropshipping app

Admittedly, these apps are incredible and have revolutionized e-commerce. But they don't just have qualities. Indeed, you often have the possibility to import the description of the products. And some words or phrases would do better to stay hidden ...

"Made in China", "Shipped from China", "China", "Aliexpress". Here is a whole bunch of words / phrases that we do not want to find in our descriptions. These would drastically lower our conversion rate.

By using Replace, you will be able to erase or replace all these words from your Shopify product descriptions, in a few seconds.

Try Replaceit for free ➜

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