The 7 best marketing ideas for this fall

The 7 best marketing ideas for this fall

The fall season changes customers' buying habits somewhat. It is therefore necessary to adapt your Marketing strategy at this time.

That's what we'll see through these 7 Perfect Marketing Ideas To Use For This Season!

Set up a special "Bye bye summer" sale

Celebrate fall with special sales "Bye bye summer". This is the perfect time to offer good deals to your customers by destocking unsold products at reduced prices. Sometimes very reduced!

Conversely, if you end up with no unsold items, all you have to do is choose 1 to 4 of your best products from your fall collection in order to sell them.

Boost your traffic with Pinterest

fall feed

With its airy and refined design, the social network Pinterest will be an asset for attract traffic to your online store, improve your visibility and increase your sales. Also adapt your pins according to the seasons!

Create a fall-inspired feed using your own content, but also that generated by your customers. It will be a good way to catch the attention of Internet users in need of inspiration for this season.

Make a week of flash sales

flash salesAt this time of year, consumers tend to "update" their wardrobes while making new resolutions. This is the opportunity to offer limited time offers!

Plan a week in which you will choose 7 different products. Highlight one article per day that will be promoted, via social networks or your newsletters.

For that, it will be necessary to "teaser" this offer in advance, which will create a certain enthusiasm among the customers, by finding a catchy name for it. The goal is to show consumers that they should not miss this week which will be full of promotions and events.

Post special autumn tutorials

fall tutorial

To easily integrate your products and services, nothing complicated! For example, if you sell kitchen accessories, you might offer seasonal recipes like squash soup, pies etc.

Conversely, if you are in the beauty sector, you can show through a video how to make a special fall make-up or for the occasion, a Halloween make-up. Talk about fall-winter trends.

Watch out for SEO competition

Fall is a time when SEO is important. Because between Black Friday, Halloween, back to school, the end of year celebrations, etc ... it's a rich period for marketing!

Companies therefore have every interest in using keywords general public to maintain a good position. And they don't do it at the last moment, everything has been prepared upstream for many months.

Popular terms for the fall will therefore have to be meticulously researched, which will attract less competition. You can also hire an SEO expert.

So don't go about it now, you won't get any benefit from the natural reference. On the other hand, try a strategy Search Engine Optimization effective in improving your visibility, increasing your sales and bringing traffic to your online store.

Collaborate with other brands

With the return of the cold, the bad days… autumn is a season adapted to the consumption of certain products such as hot drinks, moisturizing creams, warm clothes or even food supplements… Think in advance about the brands with which you could make Partnerships and thus create even more impactful campaigns: contests on Instagram, live Youtube, blog articles, etc.!

kusmi tea

For example, if your shop is specialized in the field of tea such as Kusmi Tea, you can contact cosmetic brands ( Hellobody, The Body Shop...) to launch a contest offering a kit with products from different brands, and even going so far as to create an Advent calendar! Consumers will be delighted to drink a good cup of tea while taking care of their skin.

Highlight Pink October

pink october

We think that 33% of buyers make purchases from socially or environmentally committed brands.

And as you may already know, October is the month of breast cancer awareness. Many brands take the opportunity to do a good deed and offer their customers to do the same. They return a percentage of their sales to an association fighting against breast cancer.

The goal here is to bring the public's attention to this cause, while showing the social commitment of your business.

Ultimately, fall allows you to stay in touch with your customers, while allowing you to prepare for the end of the year. Share your tips, build customer loyalty, create engagement with your customers and it will only be good for you at Christmas time!

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