Repricing: the ultimate weapon to hit the mark in e-commerce!

Repricing: the ultimate weapon to hit the mark in e-commerce!

If you are e-commerce and that you have an e-commerce store on Shopify, the next few lines should be of great interest to you!

Pricing is probably one of the most important things for optimize your margins et always be one step ahead of your competition. The prices of your products will define your sales and that, your competitors have understood. It is not uncommon to see online stores slash their prices to gain market share and thus compete brutally with other e-commerce sites.

A recent study showed that 90% of buyers searched the internet for the best price before placing order. If your prices are higher than those offered by your competitors, it's game over for you.

Of course, you can manually adjust your prices by looking at your suppliers as well as your competitors on a daily basis. But we're not gonna lie to each other this is time-consuming and needs to be reactive to the slightest change. Continuously tracking the prices of your competitors is clearly impossible and you therefore need a little help ...

Now, imagine that all this is automated To enable you to save a lot of time, but also considerably increase your turnover… This is the principle of repricing!

What is repricing in e-commerce?

“Repricing is the change in the price of an item in your online store. This variation can be framed by various predefined rules in order to control price fluctuations from A to Z. "

You would have understood it, the prices are thus calculated according to those charged by your competitors in order to never be left behind by them. Artificial intelligence will thus perform all the necessary research and calculations. to adjust all the prices of your store in real time.

The big strong point of automation is that it also works well with Amazon than with Aliexpress, Ebay or even Etsy. The possibilities are endless thanks to the power of algorithm and AI.


Which repricing app to choose for your Shopify store?

As you probably know, it is possible to add apps (free or paid) on Shopify. And good news, it is quite possible to automate your entire pricing policy thanks to a unique application: FuzRepricer !

FuzRepricer Shopify

This Shopify application is the brainchild of Fuznet, a well-known company in the application development world on Shopify! They have thus put all their know-how to offer you what is currently the best in terms of price analysis!

FuzRepricer works thanks to a powerful algorithm able to instantly manage all the price variations of your competitors. Your prices will be automatically adjusted to beat the competition and make more sales! That's not all ! he is also You can configure various rules to masterfully manage your margins and always be profitable.

Once the application is connected to your store, you will have absolutely nothing else to do! So you can focus on what really matters for your business and save precious hours.

FuzRepricer starts at € 9,99 per month and as much to say it right away, it is nothing compared to all that you will be able to gain! And the icing on the cake, a 7 day trial period is also available to test the entire application without the slightest risk!

Download FuzRepricer now and fully automate all the prices of your Shopify store!

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