Manage your print on demand Shopify store with T-Pop

Manage your print on demand Shopify store with T-Pop

Sell ​​clothes online is a great way to earn money on the internet. It's fun, lucrative, and perfectly compatible with your Shopify store.

But, of course, there is a slight downside: the logistics part. You have to manage the stocks of clothes, have them printed, shipped, not to spend money printing too much, or on the contrary, risk a shortage ... These logistical constraints can quickly represent a cost and a significant amount of work.

This is where print on demand comes in. This is the perfect solution to eliminate material management issues, and to be able to concentrate on the essential: creation and sale.

What is the print on demand?

« Print on demand ", or POD, means print on demand. Print on demand consists of sell your own custom designs, on different types of products. Print-on-demand products include all kinds of clothing, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, but also the most diverse items, from mugs to cushions, including decorative objects.

The whole point of the concept is that you don't have to manage the stocks yourself: as the name suggests, when you call in a print-on-demand partner, this one prints your article… only when it is requested, that is to say ordered. Thus, production is just in time, and everything that is produced and paid for is necessarily sold (since it is the order that triggers the printing).

print on demand

POD therefore guarantees that you only pay for what you are going to sell, and completely eliminates the risk of unsold items, as well as the problem of stocks.

One of the keys to succeed in POD is to create seductive, trendy designs that will charm your visitors. For that, you don't have to be a genius artist! You can take inspiration from existing designs on online image banks, or pay a graphic designer to create a trendy t-shirt or item for you.

Now that you have grasped the concept, let's see how to apply it in a very easy way using the solution T Pop.

Create a print on demand store on Shopify with T-Pop

Now that you've found a great design, it's time to add it to your store. To do this, we advise you Shopify T-Pop app. This free app allows you to print and send personalized printing designs to your customers, for products like t-shirts, posters, canvases, mugs, etc.

Once the app is installed, you will need to create an account on T-Pop. After that, you should be ready to add your first product to your store! To do this, a few simple steps must be followed:

t-pop shopify app1. Click on the “Add a product” button.

2. Click on “Choose file”.

3. Choose your illustration. Once selected, T-Pop will display it on a sample.

4. If you are totally satisfied with the look of your design, you can proceed with the mockups. Otherwise, you can select another design that you want to test. If you like the design, but are not happy with the orientation, you can readjust the size of the image.

5. On the next page, take another look at your design. Check that you are satisfied, then click "Continue" to change the description of your production. Here you can edit your product title and description, so that it appears the way you want in your Shopify store. Once you're done, move on to pricing.

6. Select your price. You can do this in two ways: set the prices for each size individually; or, if you are lazy, just set your profit margins as you wish, and T-Pop will automatically generate a prize! Once done, choose the collection you are going to print on. Once complete, you submit your product to your online store.

After a few seconds, your design would have been successfully uploaded to your store. Congratulations, you have nothing more to do!

t-pop shopify app

A fully automated print on demand solution

With T-Pop, you can easily start creating and selling all kinds of products (including clothing) on ​​your Shopify store, without worrying about inventory and shipping for a moment. In this, print on demand is in the right line of dropshipping, with the additional advantage, for T-Pop, of a serious company based in France.

The risks are very low: what are you waiting for to test - for free - the power of T-Pop on your Shopify store?

Create your POD store with T-Pop 🡒

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