Generate sales with 404 pages on Shopify

Generate sales with 404 pages on Shopify

We have all, at least once, been confronted with 404 error pages : on Google, an e-commerce site or even a blog ... And what happens very often is that visitors click on the back button of their browser or, they simply leave the site and will not return to it.

But did you know that 404 pages have huge potential for convert visitors to customers ?

Our Shopify apps

404 Custom Page

404 Custom Page
404 Custom Page aims to personalize your 404 page. Instead of falling on the traditional error page, you can put forward links that will allow your customers to continue their shopping, but also to integrate a captivating text and images of other products in your store.

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Redirectify will allow you to redirect your customers to similar pages, collections or products on your store. The application also improves your SEO by detecting 404 errors; so that you can fix the problem before it affects your search engine rankings. 

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Now you have all the keys in hand to generate sales without your future customers shunning 404 pages!

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