How to follow up with customers who have abandoned their shopping cart?

How to follow up with customers who have abandoned their shopping cart?

Who has never had to deal with a new customer who spends time in your online store, who adds one or more items to his basket and who even goes so far as to create a customer account, without finalizing his order? This is called here thecart abandonment.

What is an abandoned cart?

email relaunch abandoned cart

Un abandoned basketis when a customer is about to place an order but at the last moment changes his mind for some unknown reason. If the purchase was unsuccessful, it could potentially come from the customer experience or simply that the customer was not sure of themselves.

In any case, don't waste time fixing the problem, because a high rate of abandoned carts will impact your turnover.

What are the causes of an abandoned cart?

It is impossible to know exactly why the customer did not follow through with their purchase. On the other hand, there are sometimes certain things that can slow it down, such as:

  • Product  shipping cost too expensive,
  • Too long delivery times,
  • Customs fees not mentioned before the payment page,
  • Too high prices,
  • A page too long to load, 
  • Too many steps before reaching payment,
  • The obligation to create a customer account because it is impossible to buy as a guest, 
  • The seller or customer service cannot be contacted in case of questions or problems. 

We are therefore going to give you 4 tips for setting up a relaunch campaign for abandoned baskets!

Follow up with the customer by e-mail

This technique of reminder by e-mail is one of the most used by online traders. Thus, if the customer has entered his email address and has agreed to receive emails containing brand news and / or promotional offers, you will be able to relaunch it thanks to "automated marketing".

Obviously, when sending the email, even if you could simply remind your prospect that his basket is waiting for him (which is possible), rather try to coax him by offering him a little extra that would make him come back on your store. 

Whether it is a promo code valid on his next purchase, allow him to put aside the items he has put in his basket for a defined time or even offer him the shipping costs etc ..., be inventive!

However, one of the disadvantages of this approach is that it is not always easy to obtain the email addresses of your prospects.

The exit pop-up

La exit pop-up refers to a window that is automatically displayed on the screen when the visitor, who has added one or more items to his basket, is about to leave your store. This window can remind visitors that their items are still in their shopping cart. Or, it can make him want to buy more by offering him a percentage discount.

Target visitors

Here, it is a question of making retargeting, which is also known as "remarketing or retargeting". This technique makes it possible to offer advertisements to visitors who have already visited a website, yours for example, to remind them to come back and place an order.

So, if they decide to finalize their purchase, they will more naturally come to your store, because they had already considered buying from you. The added benefit is that you won't need to get the email addresses to follow up with prospects.

On the other hand, be careful not to expose the visitor too much to your advertisements, because the latter could quickly be annoyed by feeling harassed. It is therefore quite a job to develop your advertising retargeting with finesse, without abusing it.

Instant messaging

La instant messaging or the online chat aims to retain a visitor who is about to leave your site while his basket is full, just like the "exit pop-up". 

At this precise moment, bring up a chat that will allow him to exchange with an advisor from your customer service, who can answer his questions.

Being able to speak with a real person will be more reassuring, because they will have their questions answered immediately: whether they are questions related to delivery times, customs fees, etc. line is therefore not to be neglected to establish a bond of trust between visitors to your site and your brand.

Having all the tips is good, but if you don't apply them at the right time, anything can go wrong.

When to follow up with a customer?

When to know if it's THE time to follow up with a prospect? the The time to elapse between the abandonment of the basket and the first raise is decisive. You should neither revive the customer too early because he might feel obliged to buy, nor too late, when the latter has moved on. 

The ideal time between abandoning the cart and the very first follow-up email should therefore not exceed one hour.

With these tips, you will now have a better approach to dealing with abandoned carts. All you have to do is develop a good recovery strategy and it's in your pocket!

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