How to write a quality meta description?

How to write a quality meta description?

La meta description is one of the key elements for the SEO of a website. It aims to show visitors who have specific questions that your site will offer the right content to answer their questions. If it is poorly written, visitors will not come to your site. 

Meta descriptionWe will give you 5 tips for writing a meta description that will increase the click-through rate on your articles and increase the visibility of your site.

The number of words

So that all print of your meta-description are readable by Internet users, it should not exceed 160 characters, including spaces. Write a clear, short and compelling meta-description, including keywords.


The use of keywords allow you to boost your SEO, to highlight your content in search results. If they don't appear, Google and other search engines may find a different snippet elsewhere on the page that might be much less interesting.

Then, the keywords related to the search of the Internet user will appear in bold in the "SERPs" (Search Engine Result Page), making the result more obvious.

Description must match content

This point seems ridiculous but it is very important in the development of a successful meta-description. If the latter is not related to your content or the content and the meta description are unrelated, Google has the option of "penalizing" your site, which will generate more frequent bounce rates. .

Using "call-to-action"

You can use call-to-action (call to action) with certain phrases that will allow people to interact with your text. Among them we find:

  • Click here,
  • read on,
  • try it,
  • And so on.

That it is "exceptional"

Your meta description should be unique, and not look like that of another site because in this case, you will compete with those who use the same meta-description, which will harm your user experience. So be careful not to rush it too quickly and to think specifically about what you are going to put on.

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