Improve your customer service to boost your sales

A customer service where no one answers or which is unfriendly and without real skills, you can be sure that the customer will move on without delay. the customer service is an essential element to contribute to the success of a company. In an increasingly competitive era, customers expect impeccable service.

It is estimated that "93% of consumers" font additional purchases from a company that provides a positive customer service experience.

More than courtesy, it is now necessary to be available by all means, to listen and to place the customer at the heart of the process. This process is called: customer-centric.

Do a customer satisfaction survey

Sending a customer satisfaction survey after each purchase will allow you to better target your customers' desires, while encouraging them to express themselves freely. This last point is particularly important because it will aim to minimize the number of negative feedback.

If a customer has the feeling of not being listened to, he may share his dissatisfaction on the networks, Trustpilot, etc... By providing feedback on his client experience, you give him the choice to express himself and he will feel prized.

To do this, you just have to send your questionnaires by email or sms or other. Either you will get the opinions of your customers "hot", so right after their purchase, or "cold", after several days or weeks have passed. They will thus have been able to form an opinion on your products and their shopping experience.

All you have to do is use the information provided intelligently.

Work with committed advisors

Your advisors will be the first people to interact with your customers. Therefore, they must be involved when customers contact them, otherwise you could lose sales. If you are considering the alternative of chatbot, it is not the miracle solution.

The chatbot aims to answer common and repetitive questions when it has been created effectively. But when it comes to specific problems or unsatisfied people, it will be necessary to privilege human contact. So surround yourself with competent people, choose carefully.

Be present on all channels

Nowadays, customers expect to find you on all communication channels.

Un quality customer service must be accessible via social networks as Messenger, Twitter..., while being quickly available by email or offering customer service by chat.

According to a study conducted by Microsoft, "50% of consumers, among which there are also people over the age of 55, prefer to contact online customer services."


Do you want to retain your customers? Avoid leaving them unanswered for a long time. According investigation driving by Aircall:

  • 90% of consumers are willing to wait up to 5 minutes on the phone.
  • 94% want their email answered within 24 hours.
  • 49% will leave your site after 1 minute if there is no response on a live chat.
Good practice
If you can't respond to their request right away, let them know. Send them a message like: we have taken note of your request, we will get back to you as soon as possible ».

When you promise them a quick response, be sure to keep your word. The customer should not follow up on your request.




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