Improve the speed of your Shopify store by optimizing images

Improve the speed of your Shopify store by optimizing images

A pleasant navigation et without slowing down is essential for visitors to your Shopify store. Too high a loading time has a very negative impact on your bounce rate: 53% of Internet users would leave a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Too much latency decreases the user experience, and ultimately reduces your sales.

An example ? An additional second of upload to Amazon would lead to a shortfall of $ 1,6 billion per year.

La loading speed of your online store also has an impact on its position in search engine results, as theGoogle algorithm has taken this parameter into account since 2010.

How do I assess the speed of my Shopify store?

There are several tools that allow you to analyze the speed of a website.

PageSpeed ​​Insights et GTmetrix are the best known.

Most of the time, the results can look bad, but in the majority of cases, simple adjustments are enough to fix it. One of them is theimage optimization.

Optimize images by compressing them

A web page that takes a long time to appear is a sure loss of visitors! The weight of images is often there for a lot.

Here are 2 solutions for compress your Shopify store images :

If you have few pictures

You can use a free tool like Tinypng to easily compress your store images. This online solution will make it possible to reduce the size of the images by 25 to 80%, while keeping the correct quality.


This type of tool is very convenient and economical if you don't have a lot of images. It is also well suited if from the start of your activity, you motivated yourself to compress each image before inserting it on your site.

If this is not the case, then you will have to turn to a Shopify app.

If you have a lot of pictures

If you have a lot of images, or you don't have time to compress them manually, you need to use an application.

One of the best is Fuzz. This app will automatically compress all your images : those that you have already added, and those that you will add in the future. In short, you don't have to worry about anything: the app does everything for you.

Image compression

What if compressing images is not enough?

Compressing all of the images in your store is a great start, but sometimes it isn't enough to make your pages fast enough.

Always using the app Fuzz, you can further multiply your results using the feature lazy-loading, who go defer loading images, to load only the images visible on the screen. A simple idea, but very effective for save time loading your pages.


You already know how to improve the speed of your Shopify store, by optimizing images !

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