Add the Pinterest pixel to your Shopify store

Le pinterest pixel is a piece of JavaScript code that you put on your website, to gather information about conversions and build audiences.

If you are a platform user Shopify, follow the steps below to manually add the Pinterest pixel to your store.

Theme Integration

  • From your Shopify dashboard, click Online Store and then click Topics: .
  • Navigate to the theme you want to edit and click Actions then Edit Code.
  • In the directory layout, click on theme.liquid.
  • Scroll down until you see the tag and paste this code above:



Replace YOUR_TAG_ID with your own ID tag.
To find your ID tag, go to your Ads Manager > ads > Conversion Tracking And click Generate Pinterest Tag.

Integration in the checkout

  • From your Shopify dashboard, click Parameters then Checkout.
  • In the section Order processing, find the area: Additional scripts.
  • Paste the following code into the text box; if there is already code in this area, paste your tracking code after.



Don't forget to replace YOUR_TAG_ID with your own previously generated tag ID in your Pinterest Ads Manager.

Integration with add to cart

  • From your Shopify dashboard, click Online Store and then click Themes.
  • Navigate to the theme where you are installing the Pinterest pixel and click Actions then Edit Code.

Dance templates find the file product.liquid ou product-template.liquid or even product-form.liquid and open it.

Note that this may vary depending on the theme you are using, but usually the code for the add to cart button is in the file product-template.liquid.

Look for the id: addtocart.

Place the following code in the end tag.

product templateOr click Save and it's over!

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