7 apps to optimize Shopify product pages

7 apps to optimize Shopify product pages

You are the proud holder of a Shopify store, and you want increase your sales and Conversion rate of your visitors? For that, nothing likeoptimize your product pages with a few simple, but terribly effective applications. For a small fee or even for free, these applications allow you to greatly improve the user experience, and to facilitate and encourage purchasing.

Ready to increase your sales tenfold ? Let's go !


ATClone offers a functionality that is as simple as it is powerful, since it allows you to create a second button "Add to cart" on your store. This button takes place at the end of the description of your products. It thus allows visitors to always have an option in front of them to put the item in the basket. This encourages and encourages the switch to achat: The add to additional cart button is all the more important and powerful on long product descriptions, after which the initial top-of-page button is no longer visible.

The new button added by ATClone automatically adapts to your theme, synchronizes product and price variants, can be renamed and accompanied by an image. It is also designed for optimal display on mobile

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Product labels

Product labels is an application that allows you to add labels to your products. Concretely, this is a visual indication in the form of a logo or banner that appears on certain products for showcase. The most famous and effective labels are for example "new", "on sale", "low stock", "20% promo" ...

These visual indications catch the eye and encourage the visitor to make a purchase. It is possible to configure product categories, and conditions to display or not the different labels on the products of your choice. These labels can be positioned at your convenience, at any position on the products (top left, bottom right, etc.).

Install Product labels

trust hero

trust hero is a completely free application, which adds confidence indicators concerning the means of payment. One of the best-known examples is the indication " Secure payment with Visa ”, but you can add most of the payment methods of your choice, which your store allows.

Trust hero allowsincrease confidence and the seriousness generated, and therefore to encourage the purchase. The application is intended to be easy to use, and designed for all media.

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Hurrify boost your sales by using one of the most classic marketing techniques: the sense of urgency. It allows you to create, whether at the top or at the bottom of the page, a countdown to indicate the end of an offer, promotion or sale of products. Faced with the possibility of soon not being able to buy an interesting product, the customer will necessarily be encouraged to make the purchase.

The application is fully responsive. The countdowns can be personalized in terms of text, color, and the products to which they must be applied. It is also possible to display a stock counter remaining product, rather than time

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Ryviu is an application that comes in the form of an eChrome extension. It allows in particular toimport customer reviews from Aliexpress or Amazon directly in your Shopify store.

Ryviu is a very complete application. It also offers an advanced statistics system, the ability to edit and customize the theme of your page, respond to customer reviews, and much more.

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Product page Tabs

This is an application that allows you to add tabs to the description of your products. It makes your presentations more professional, and allows you to expand your descriptions without losing the user: it is free or not to click on the tabs. We can imagine all kinds of tabs for improve conversion rate : a FAQ tab, Customer reviews, Promotions, Return policy, etc.

Many tab customization options are available. Product page tabs is responsive, does not require additional code, and its tabs can be applied to entire categories of products, to avoid duplicating them individually.

Install Product page Tabs ➜

Also bought

This very powerful application adds an insert under each product showing the similar products that customers bought. The operation is quite similar to the suggestions that can be found on The Amazon, named "you may also like". Also bought uses an algorithm that studies purchase data to offer relevant and consistent products, close to the product viewed by the user.

The insert for similar products is completely customizable, and can be placed in the position of your choice, anywhere on the page. Many configuration options are available, such as the addition of an “Add to cart” button on each similar product, the limit on the number of similar products offered, the possibility of adding recommendations manually… Also bought is therefore an application essential for increase your cross selling tenfold.

Install Also bought ➜

Bonus: Replace

Replace is not an application that will directly optimize your Shopify product pages, but it will allow you to Save a lot of time as to the edition of these. Indeed, you will be able to modify, quickly remove or add words / phrases in your product descriptions. Which indirectly will optimize them!

Install Replaceit ➜

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