6 apps to customize the Shopify cart

6 apps to customize the Shopify cart

You own a Shopify store and you are always looking for new features for convert more and expand your average basket to the maximum?

So read this article carefully, 7 Shopify apps that we are going to present to you will allow you to achieve more turnover, simply by installing and configuring them once!

Obviously, the results are correlated with the number of visitors to your site, therefore, the more customers you have, the more these applications will become quite simply essential!



CoverUp is probably the must-have Shopify extension for anyone who doesn't like PayPal but who understand that doing without this means of payment is unfortunately synonymous with loss of turnover.

The CoverUp app simply goes hide the PayPal button in the Shopify cart.

Indeed, this button encourages the customer to go through Paypal at the time of payment and tends to mislead the latter who may then think that PayPal is the only means of payment that you accept on your site.

Once the CoverUp application is installed, the customer will be able to access the ordering process normally, by accessing the checkout, and will be able to order with the means of payment he wishes, PayPal included.

Download CoverUp →



Add a gift wrap option to its Shopify e-commerce site is a service that is too often underestimated. Indeed, the e-merchant does not suspect the impact that this option can have.

With giftz, you will be able to easily add a gift wrap option in the basket page of your Shopify store.

At first, it's mathematical, it goes increase the value of the average basket. It is a paid option that you did not have before and which will be added to your turnover.

Then this will allow you to stand out from the competition which does not offer this option and therefore gain new customers. Especially during the festive period when we will try to get rid of this laborious task of wrapping gifts.

Another important point is that it can improve your brand image because you can for example personalize your gift wrapping on behalf of your company.

Last but not least, the "biggest" (Amazon, Ebay, Cdiscount etc.) offer this option. So if such e-commerce powers adopt a strategy, you might as well follow them.

Download Giftz →



UpCart is an application that will replace the cart basic Shopify: it turns it into a side basket, which appears as soon as a customer adds a product to their cart (or clicks on the corresponding button). It makes it easier to have your basket in front of you, and to continue shopping with better visibility on the items already chosen.

UpCart is also perfect for makingupsell. Each time a product is clicked, the application adds an insert at the bottom of the cart, offering Similar items, in line with what the customer intends to order.

The application also offers to display special offers, such as free delivery or free products, as soon as certain price levels are crossed.

Download UpCart →

In Cart Upsel

In Cart Upsel

This application is used to increase the average basket of your store, by directly offering add a product, visible or not for sale on your site, when validating the basket.

In Cart Upsell offers a simple and intuitive system, which allows your customer to directly view the product and its price and add it in one click, without being attacked by a popup or being redirected to another page.

Therefore, this app can only bring more to your user experience while increasing the average basket of the store, without risking to scare the customer away by diverting them from their purchasing process.

Download In Cart Upsell →

I Agree To Terms

I Agree To Terms

Le dropshipping orE-commerce in general often causes disputes with the customer. Whether it is for physical items, digital products or subscriptions, it is unfortunately common to have customers who complain and ask for a refund, or try to abuse the system because they have not seen the terms and conditions hidden in the site.

Using an app like I Agree To Terms, the customer cannot contest a decision if it does not comply with your general conditions of sale.

This way of protecting oneself is found in all large companies and also serves as a selling point, because it reassure the customer which then feels on a professional site.

Download I Agree To Terms →

Easy Donation

Easy Donation

What could be better than associating your business with a charity for develop your brand image ?

In addition to doing a good deed, you show your customers that you support a cause without costing you money!

Indeed, with Easy Donation, you allow your customers to make a donation to a charity that you have chosen or to select from a list the association they prefer.

Download Easy Donation →

We hope our recommendations will help you increase the conversion rate of your online store. If you are using other applications for customize the Shopify cart, feel free to share them in the comments!

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