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5 tips to optimize the Shopify checkout

Le checkout (or checkout) is the most important place in your Shopify e-commerce store.

If it is not optimized, it inevitably reduces the Conversion rate.

Unfortunately the advanced Shopify Checkout customization is only possible in its version More, which is very expensive!

We will therefore see here the tips for optimizing Shopify checkout in its standard version.

1. Add your Logo

By default, Shopify uses your store name and displays it as text above the breadcrumbs. However, you can upload a logo and display it instead. Use of your company logo builds confidence and makes checkout more integrated with your store.

Without and with Shopify checkout logo

To upload a custom logo to your Shopify checkout, follow these steps:

  1. Access to Sales ChannelsOnline Store > Topics: , and click the button Customize of the published theme.
  2. Once in the theme editor, click on Theme settings and select CHECKOUT
  3. Find the section Logo And click Select image, upload your logo and confirm by clicking Select

🛈 For a better rendering, we advise you to use a logo in landscape format. Indeed, on mobile the maximum height will be 40px.

2. Change colors and fonts

Always with a view to having an order that is as faithful as possible to your shop, match the colors.

Indeed, basic Shopify leaves the checkout in blue. It is important to match the colors of your shop and more precisely of your basket to have a continuity that reassures.

To change the checkout colors, follow this:

  1. Access to Sales Channels Online Store > Topics: , and click the button Customize of the published theme.
  2. Once in the theme editor, click on Theme settings and select CHECKOUT
  3. Find the sections Typography et  Colors then match them with the colors in your basket.

Change Shopify checkout colors

3. Change texts

One might think that it is not possible to modify the texts in the Checkout, but it's wrong.

To modify them, go to:

Sales Channels Online Store > Topics: , and click the button Edit languages of the published theme.

In the top navigation, choose Checkout & system.

Checkout texts

You can therefore take the opportunity to improve certain buttons, certain phrases to increase the feeling of security and confidence.

Emoji checkout Shopify

🛈 Shopify Checkout supports emojis!

4. Reduce the number of fields

A very often overlooked optimization is to reduce the number of checkout fields. The more you remove, the more you simplify the checkout process and the higher the conversion rate will be.

To remove fields from Shopify checkout:

Go to admin > Settings > Checkout and uncheck as many fields as you don't need.

Collapse checkout fields

5. Display contact information

Without the Shopify Plus version, it is not possible to customize the checkout to the point of adding contact information.

But using tricks like changing the logo image, it is possible to add additional content.

contact info checkout shopify

Create a banner with a dimension of 575px x 75px, add your logo on the far left, and your contact information on the right. Then in the same location as seen in point 1, choose Logo size > Large. 

contact info checkout

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