5 Shopify apps to prepare for Christmas

5 Shopify apps to prepare for Christmas

Christmas is THE period not to be missed in E-commerce.

Indeed, this is THE moment when you will normally make the most sales. It is therefore necessary to prepare Shopify store.

This is why we offer you 5 apps that will allow you to make more sales during the Christmas period.



When you think of Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind are the gifts under the Christmas tree. Who says gifts says wrapping paper, one does not go without the other.

It is therefore obvious that offering an application that offers the possibility of having your order packed is an excellent idea for increase your conversion rate.

Indeed, this will be very practical for our future buyers who will be able to offload this laborious task, and may be the trigger that will push them to order.

But that's not all. You can also increase the value of the basket by charging for this gift wrap option. As does The Amazon for example.

To offer a gift wrap option in your Shopify cart, we offer you the application giftz.

White Christmas


Give a christmas atmosphere to your Shopify store by adding visual effects such as falling snowflakes, garlands, and snowmen.

Decorate her e-commerce store can be a good idea to keep visitors longer and therefore try to increase its conversion rate.

Indeed, surprised to have discovered a store that is out of the ordinary, they will be more likely to browse it and be tempted by an order.

All this is possible thanks to the application White Christmas.

Christmas deals calendar

Christmas deals calendar

Everyone knows the Advent calendar that we will open every day to find a surprise.

But did you know that you can offer one digitally to your customers on Shopify?

Indeed, arouse enthusiasm by forcing your visitors to visit your site every day by offering daily offers: promo code, reduction, free product etc ..

Create your digital advent calendar with Christmas deals calendar.

AfterShip Returns Center


The Christmas period is a time when sales increase. But if there are more commands, there are also more Returns.

Offering an effective return solution is essential to ensure an optimal user experience.

If your return system has shortcomings, with unclear explanations, too long delays, etc., the customer will no longer come back to buy on your site.

That's why there are apps like AfterShip Returns Center Which make it possible to professionalize your returns system. You will be able to establish clear conditions, with an automated system to speed up the process.

Estimated Delivery Date - More

Estimated Delivery Date - More

All people who order their Christmas presents on the Internet have the same stress. Will I receive my order on time?

Reassure its visitors by displaying the estimated delivery time on each product can be a good business strategy.

Reassured, your visitors will be more inclined to order.

Help yourself from the app Estimated Delivery Date to easily display your delivery times.

Afterwards, it's up to you to keep your promises.

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