4 tips to stay motivated while working from home

4 tips to stay motivated while working from home

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Work from home is rather attractive: we work at our own pace, we do not need to leave our home or get stuck in traffic and we save time, we are also less stressed because we have a more pleasant living environment.

However, it is not always easy to work from home. We are more easily distracted, motivation is no longer always there ... This is why we are going to give you 4 tips to stay motivated while working at home. Whether you're telecommuting or just starting your own business.

1. Create a workspace

Lying down in bed or sitting in front of the TV with the laptop on your lap is not the best! In order to be productive, favor a dedicated workspace that will allow you to adopt the mindset you need to concentrate and work efficiently. Also personalize your office or the place where you are to feel your best. Because if you work in a room that you don't like, the working conditions will be more complicated.

2. Organize your days

Organization is essential so as not to be overwhelmed. Make a "to do list"! On Sunday, for example, take the opportunity to organize your week and list the most important things. You can also take stock every day in the morning. Write your list on paper or on apps like Trello, and tick as soon as a task is completed.

3. Plan your working hours

You are free to work when you want and for as long as you want. Define when you are most productive, whether early in the morning or late at night, etc. However, we also tend to work a lot. Until late at night. This can be understood when you start a business. We invest in it thoroughly because we want it to work. But it is important to know how to set limits. They will keep you fit and focused. If you never stop, chances are you're tired and bye bye productivity.

4. Make time for yourself

Working hard to achieve your goals is good. But it's also important to take breaks and give yourself time, to clear your head. Go get some fresh air, read, don't neglect those who live with you and spend time with them. Do what you want ! That way, as soon as you resume, you will be revitalized and even more motivated to accomplish all your projects!
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