4 Shopify apps to optimize your SEO

4 Shopify apps to optimize your SEO

You may suggest a Shopify store superb, with excellent and seductive products, it is nonetheless an inescapable truth, whether it is aboutE-commerce or any online activity that your business will not take off if you are not visible. And for that, one of the best ways remains to optimize its referencing on search engines, using the Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization).

Don't panic: dedicated Shopify apps can help you improve your positioning. We are going to present you 4 Shopify applications, to optimize your SEO!


sitemapperAs the name suggests, Sitemapper is an application that helps you create the sitemap of your store. She simply creates one optimized for Shopify, with ease.

The sitemap is literally the “map of your site”: it is a file in XML or .txt format which lists all the links, and therefore the content of your site, to search engines. Thanks to Sitemapper, you generate an optimized sitemap, which has the double impact of boosting your SEO (because Google will be able to rank you better with a well-organized sitemap) AND your sales (because a logical structure of your pages helps visitors find this. they are looking for).


crush.picsCrush.pics operates for you an absolutely essential operation for the optimization of your SEO: it compress your images to reduce their size, in just a few clicks. This step is essential to place your store in the search engine results. Indeed, lighter images mean faster loading of your pages; However, the performance of your site is the "zero factor" of SEO, the one that comes before all others.

Several compression options are available at Crush.pics, depending on how much quality you're willing to sacrifice. You can also set your compression level yourself, and then apply this default rule to all your images, saving you precious time.


SEO JSON-LD BoostUnder this somewhat barbaric name hides an application that can give you a head start over your competitors in terms of SEO. To put it simply, by adding micro-data to your pages, visible to the search engine but not your visitors, you allow indexing robots to better understand what your pages are about.

The format JSON-LD is the recommended one for including micro data on your pages. SEO JSON-LD Boost therefore allows you, easily and without risk for your pages, to add JSON-LD structures to them in order to be able to easily include micro-data, and therefore improve your SEO. The application is free and does not require you to modify your template; you can safely uninstall it at any time.


Fire amp« AMP Is an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages. As you will have understood, this is a web page format intended exclusively to be viewed on mobile (a medium competing more and more with desktops among Internet users). Encouraged by Google, these pages are different from your regular web pages, and are designed to display much faster on mobile.

With Fire AMP, you can create an AMP version of your store pages quickly and easily. With one click, you can create an AMP page for each of your product pages, which will be highlighted by Google in its mobile search results.

Do not hesitate to invest in these applications, which could radically change the game and the SEO for your store!

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