4 apps to improve your Shopify product descriptions

4 apps to improve your Shopify product descriptions

Several elements can contribute to the success of your Shopify store, but one of them is essential: the descriptions of your products.

Having a complete and well-informed product sheet allows you to provide your visitors with all the elements they need to make the purchase.

Not filling in the descriptions of its product sheets correctly can have a negative impact on your Shopify store, leaving a certain unprofessional appearance.

Fortunately, we have selected a list of 4 Shopify apps to help you in the construction of your product sheets.

Extra info

The application Extra info allows you toadd additional information to your product sheets. This application is a real daily support, allowing you toimprove your product pages simply, very effectively.

Xtra info allows you to write additional information at a strategic location on your product sheet: between the “add to cart” button and the description.

Extra Info

With this application, it will be easy for you to insert vital information, pushing your visitors to buy, indicating that the delivery is free, a satisfaction or refunded mention or a limited stock, for example.

A wide choice of customization is possible, allowing flexibility in the general design of your product sheet.

This application seems essential to us for increase the conversion rate of a product sheet, enriching it. Obviously, the Xtra info application adapts to all devices.

Download Xtra info 

Toggle Description

The application Toggle Description will be your best ally for lighten the density of your product sheet.

Have you ever arrived on a product sheet that is much too long, with an endless description, when you had simply come to collect information, or to buy the product?

Toggle DescriptionAvoid your customers having to scroll to the bottom of the page: the Toggle Description application allows you to create a “see more” button, after a certain word limit that you can define beforehand.

This app is perfect for improve the user experience of your Shopify store.

Download Toggle Description ➜


Replace is an application allowing you to quickly and massively modify the content of your product sheets.

ReplaceWith this application, you can do a quick search for a word or a phrase and modify everything on a selection or all of your product sheets.

Download Replaceit 


This app allows you tosignificantly improve the user experience on your Shopify store. By Free Tabs, you can organize your product sheets, by creating tabs according to your wishes.

FREE TabsThese tabs offer ease of navigation for your users, a professional and elegant result!

Download FREE Tabs 

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