Sufio, your invoicing solution for Shopify

Sufio, your invoicing solution for Shopify

You want to professionalize your activity on Shopify ? Do you want to simplify the lives of your customers as well as yours? There are many applications to help you do this. These can allow you to better present your products, more effectively encourage customers to buy, increase your credibility ...

sufio is a Shopify app which offers you generate invoices automatically, in French, and in a manner in accordance with the legislation in force. This is a huge gain in credibility for your store, which also greatly facilitates your accounting and business with your suppliers and partners.

Find out more about this innovative, very complete and efficient solution.

Shopify and its limits

The problem with Shopify is that, by default, it doesn't allow you to provide automatic invoices to your customers or to yourself at all. A simple order summary is sent, devoid of many details and details that make all the interest of an invoice in the rules.

This document does not in any way comply with the legislation, and cannot be a sufficient basis for create quotes et manage your accounting.

It is in the face of this sad observation that Sufio was created, in order to remedy this shortcoming and to propose the creation of simple and complete invoices.

General overview of the Shopify Sufio app

Sufio is therefore an application which, together with the classic summary of the order sent by default, creates a real invoice by email, sent to the customer. This is generated automatically, and can follow the form of many templates, which you choose at your convenience.

It displays all important dates relating to the order, clearly identifies the seller and the buyer, lists precisely nature, quantity and prices of the products purchased, specifying the price excluding tax et the price including tax. This invoice also presents the order number, the payment method and the various links to find your store.

In short, Sufio allows you to automatically generate real invoices for all orders on your store, anything more official.

Here are some more advantages of this Shopify app:

  • She's fully translated into French. If the site is in English, the application is available in French. A quality translation will make the use and configuration of your invoices perfectly simple and intuitive.
  • Sufio is in accordance with French law et European. The generated invoices include all the Legal Notice, especially VAT rate. With Sufio, you therefore generate perfectly valid and official invoices, which can be used as proof in the event of a dispute.
  • Thanks to Sufio, you can set up a billing system in support of your quotes to your partners and suppliers. You can thus directly get paid online, on the basis of precise and reliable invoices, for example in the case of placing bulk orders.

Sufio's various offers

Sufio offers 3 monthly subscription plans. The basic formula at 19 € gives you 50 invoices per month, as well as a language and a currency. The standard formula (49 €) offers unlimited invoices, several languages ​​and currencies, a tax exemption for companies, validation of VAT numbers, as well as credit and delivery notes.

Finally, the premium formula (129 €) adds quotes and estimates, as well as priority support in case of concern.

Take your Shopify store to the next level

Sufio is one of Must-have Shopify apps to professionalize your activity and gain credibility. Whether with your customers, your suppliers or partners, being able to have ultra-detailed invoices, in accordance with the legislation and including all the legal notices will distinguish you of the mass of existing Shopify stores.

With Sufio, you bring a whole new billing feature to your Shopify store, which the site does not offer basic. This opportunity facilitates your accounting et improves your brand image. All in a simple and intuitive application, fully translated into French.

Finally, be aware that Sufio offers a free 14-day trial version, which you can test without even having to enter a credit card.

There is no more !

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