Shopify: stickers to increase your sales?


Sometimes a sale is played out. Did you know that a "simple" little badge or a product label could make all the difference?

We are going to present to you an application that will allow you to increase your sales thanks to the product stickers!

Product Labels and Badges

The Shopify Product Labels and Badges is intended to affix free stickers (additional charges may apply) to the images of your items. You will have a wide choice of stickers, labels, badges and stickers, or you can create your own.

The application is designed to make it easy for you to find the label you need. It also works with all Shopify stores - no code or design skills needed!

Thus, you can easily boost your sales by directing buyers to an item or a category of products, with the “New product” or “On sale” stickers; or by generating a feeling of urgency with stickers such as "Flash Sale" or "Out of stock".

They will also be a good way to build trust with your buyers. Remember to highlight your quality labels with the labels "Certified organic", "Vegan" or "Guaranteed".

Discover the other features of the application by clicking on the link below!

Download Product Labels and Badges →

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