Shopify: How to optimize your thank you page?

Shopify: How to optimize your thank you page?

In e-commerce, the conversion journey is essential. Often times, you take a close look at what brakes there might be to shopping cart and transforming your sale. But are you thinking of the next step? Not necessarily. Yet the thank you page is a key space to retain your customers and make additional sales. To make your job easier, today we're talking about one of the most formidable apps on Shopify in terms of retention: Reconverted.


Upselling through the thank you page

Long called the “Order Confirmation Page”, the “utility” function that developers gave to this page quickly turned into a marketing weapon. And for good reason, with an open rate of 100%, it's the best way to talk to your customers.

Optimizing your thank you page therefore significantly increases your customer retention rate. You transform a “one shot” customer into a regular customer and increase your sales and income, while improving your brand image.

Remember that your customers are likely to come back to your Thank You page to seek information about their order and its delivery. Thus, thanks to tracking applications, you can offer them additional content or the status of their delivery updated.

Your “Thank You page” in minutes with Reconvert

Reconvert is the most popular application to integrate into your e-commerce journey with shopify. Once you've installed it in your shop, you need to think about your goal.

reconvertedIts functionalities
  • More sales: Pop-ups to offer a promotion on an item or a promo code.
  • More visibility: A module allows you to share your order on social networks. It is also possible to put a section for depositing opinions or recommendations on your purchase.
  • More CRM: Several modules allow you to collect data (an anniversary date, an incentive to subscribe to a newsletter, activation of notifications by sms, messenger or mobile push), to set up automatic response scenarios or take a short survey.

Finally, you can also offer text or a video related to your product to work on your branded content.
Be careful not to multiply the calls to action. Test one feature at a time and choose the right module based on your goal.

How to integrate it?

Completely integrated with Shopify, Reconvert is installed in one click via the application store then offers you a drag and drop interface to create your tailor-made thank you page. No need for technical skills. The plugin offers you templates adapted to Shopify and the codes of e-commerce sites. You also have the possibility to build your page “from scratch” to make it completely personalized.

It's simple, the application is rated 5/5 on the Shopify store. The price is reasonable compared to other applications (free up to 50 sales per month) and you benefit from the very responsive support of a team of specialists and developers at your disposal to assist you in the integration of the app . New features are often added.

Tracking is obviously integrated so that you can follow the performance of this thank you page with its impression and conversion rate depending on the objective you have set for yourself.



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