Shopify: How to Create a Successful Order Confirmation Email

Shopify: How to Create a Successful Order Confirmation Email

The order confirmation emails have a much higher open rate than regular emails. The advantage of these emails is that the customer will be more receptive to your marketing message and you will thus be able to benefit from the "post-purchase dynamic".

Despite the fact that consumers suspect that they will receive these emails, open them and click on them, only a few marketers will improve them in order to increase commitment.

Acquiring new customers is proven to be more expensive than retaining buyers, order confirmation emails are an important asset in sales promotion. Discover our 5 tips to boost your sales!

1. Emphasize the benefits of buying

The purpose of your order confirmation email is to remind the buyer of the primary features of your product.

To generate more excitement and excitement, come up with concrete use cases for your product. For example, if you sell sports items such as rubber bands, suggest the different exercises the customer can do with them.

You can also rely on content generated by previous users, or your influencers, to allow the customer to better use the product.

2. Create an animation in the email

Your brand must stand out with its originality. To do this, do not hesitate to add "surprise" elements in your next confirmation email. However, these elements must remain effective, don't just fill in the content. They shouldn't be bulky or distract customers from the primary purpose of the email.

You can use a GIF or a short video to see the use of the product. This will bring an aesthetic appearance while delivering the important information.

3. Have the ability to engage with your brand

The order confirmation email gives the basic details about the transaction and this is what interests the customer the most at that time.

However, you can take advantage of it to increase loyalty towards the brand:

  • Offer other products related to the customer's order
  • Offer a discount or a solicitation to make new purchases
  • Encourage the customer to follow you on your social networks
  • Promote the brand loyalty program

But beware ! Your "call-to-action" doesn't have to be the main topic. The most important subject of your message remains the key elements of the order confirmation.

4. Anticipate questions

After placing an order, the customer may have questions. You will have to anticipate them via a link redirecting them to the FAQ et delivery policy. They will thus be able to find the answers to their concerns themselves.

Then, don't forget to provide them with the information they need to update their order. If the customer made the wrong color or size, if he entered the wrong delivery address, etc., he must be able to correct it. If the customer made a mistake (for example, by entering the wrong delivery address), if he made the wrong size or color, if he wants to change an item, he must know what to do.

However, if the buyer does not have the possibility to modify his order directly, put a clearly visible link which will redirect him to customer support.

5. Enchant thanks to your social commitment

If you want to keep a loyal and engaged customer, you can capitalize on your social commitments. The brand Displate, for example, guarantees to plant a tree for each Displate purchased (metal poster) by donating part of the sales to a non-profit association. It therefore has a strong environmental impact, while honoring artists from around the world.

Highlight these commitments in your order confirmation email. Thus, the customer will feel satisfaction by supporting a good cause with his purchase.

Here, it's not about making a call-to-action or pushing people to buy. But just to thank these people for participating in your cause.

Ultimately, a well thought-out order confirmation email will allow you to have top-notch customer relations! It is not only a simple enumeration of the details of a purchase, the latter can generate more impatience, retain prospects ... Take advantage of it!

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