Shopify: Create a sign for your store window


The economy is pushing more and more people to digitize their store. To help you make the link between your physical store and your online store, it is now possible, thanks to the tool Sign maker de Shopify, to create your informative sign and display it on your store front. This is the first thing passers-by will see.

Creator of posters for your shop window

With the tool Creator of signs from Shopify, you will be able to create free of charge your sign, informing your customers of your opening hours, places to pick up orders, etc. They will also be an excellent way for you to redirect customers from your store to your online store using the QR Code.

Indeed, with the COVID-19 crisis, many stores are forced to close their doors, so informative signs will help promote your online store. Thus, you will be able to convert passers-by who scrutinize your display window, into online buyers.

Creating your sign is simple: all you have to do is choose a design, personalize it with your store's URL, print it and then display it on your storefront.

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