Shopify: boost engagement on your newsletters with these 7 tips

Shopify: boost engagement on your newsletters with these 7 tips

In that moment newsletter is the medium that records the best "ROI" (return on investment). It is a promotional tool that you will need to integrate into your marketing content strategy.

Emailing will allow you to establish a relationship with your customers, attract new ones and also increase your sales. To do this, have newsletters that are both interesting and pleasant.

Here are 7 content ideas to boost engagement on your newsletters!

1. Share the company's successes and accomplishments

Has your company received a mark of recognition at the end of a project? Whether it is a reward for the performance of a product, for example; this is the opportunity for you to inform your customers and share the good news that marks a turning point in the growth of your business. You will thus reinforce the confidence and the commitment which they carry in you.

2. Grant exclusivity to your subscribers

In order to show your gratitude to loyal subscribers to your newsletters, offer them exclusive information. By promoting the launch of a new product in your newsletters, you will show your subscribers that they are important because you will share your new releases in preview with them!

The trick? You can also slip a small promotional code into your newsletter.

3. Insert tutorials in your newsletters

The tutorial will aim to show all the functionalities of a product and will make you want to be bought more. Customers will be able to see what can be done with it and then get the most out of their investment.

Informational content such as tutorials is quite popular and often takes the form of video format.

If it is an application, you can take screenshots to show the use of the product step by step; and thus present its updates and its evolutions thanks to the tutorial.

4. Give advice

The newsletter is a particularly interesting way to teach your customers how to use your products. Thanks to this "marketing channel", you will be able to exchange exclusive advice and thus offer a unique customer experience.

When you offer relevant information, the engagement rate will be higher from your subscribers.

5. Promotional content

Rather than investing in sponsored promotional content on social media, consider submitting discounts and specials to your followers.

However, be careful that your content is not too commercial, it is essential to add value to it, otherwise your newsletters will probably end up in the spam of subscribers.

6. Highlight the "human factor" of your business

In the digital age, personalizing your interactions with customers is essential. Use newsletter content to:

Introduce your team;

  • Do interviews with experts in your field of activity;
  • Share customer feedback on their user experience;
  • Share your events and invite your subscribers to participate.

7. Keep customers informed of changes in the business

Changes within the company can affect your customers and the way they communicate with your brand. Whether it's updates to a product, a website or even a change in company policy.

Your newsletter will therefore allow you to inform your customers, while telling them what the impact of these changes will be on them.

Ultimately, take advantage of this powerful marketing channel to create relevant newsletter content. You can also take inspiration from the emailing content of your favorite brands.

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