Shopify: 5 reasons to blog for your business

Shopify: 5 reasons to blog for your business

There are several ways to communicate with your target to highlight your brand and therefore increase your visibility. However, one of the most effective is simply the creation of a blog.
Companies with a blog generate almost 70% more leads and see their traffic increase by more than 50%. As for SEO, the effects are also positive.
If that's not enough to convince you, here are 5 more reasons to blog for your brand.

The blog showcases your expertise

Thanks to the content published on the blog, you will be able to prove your experts in your field of activity or on a specific subject. Readers will trust you more and they will see you as a reference in the industry. They will be more inclined to make a purchase.

It improves the user experience 

Depending on the topics you cover on your blog, you can easily provide useful and valuable information to your readers.
For example, if you sell tea, it would be interesting to publish articles that will help the reader to choose his tea, in which you will also give your opinion on certain products that you have tested, in order to direct the potential customer towards the best. choice. Also inform him of the benefits of tea, to encourage your reader to order.
The primary goal of your blog should therefore not be limited to promoting your products or services, but also educating your readers by giving them advice or ideas. Articles like comparative articles, checklists etc ... are well suited to this situation.

Increase your visibility over the long term

Unlike sponsored posts which are only visible for a certain time, your article will be available indefinitely. As soon as it is published, you will get immediate effects such as increased traffic and leads to your site, which will continue to evolve over the long term:
For several months, your article will still generate traffic but also interactions. Moreover, most of the comments are posted on articles with months of seniority. These are your best articles that will help drive your traffic in the long term.
If you post regularly, Google will notice it because it will see you as a site offering new content that is attractive to visitors and it will make you appear at the top of search results. Be regular, by offering useful content, in order to improve your SEO.
The blog allows you to establish a digital visibility with high inertia, lasting and stable.

Collect emails thanks to the blog

Emailing is a good way to keep in touch with your audience: by sending regular emails (promotional or not), the chances of obtaining conversions are greater. However, you must have an email list. To do this, simply suggest that your readers subscribe to your newsletter to receive in return:
  • The latest news from your brand;
  • Original advice;
  • Promotional offers ... and more.


It is better to allow Comments on your articles. Thus, readers will be able to express themselves and interact with each other, by giving their opinion on the subject dealt with but also with you, by asking you questions.
By taking into account the messages your readers leave with you, you will be able to adjust your strategy and communicate directly with them to build a relationship of trust.
Ultimately, the blog will be the perfect ally to increase your visibility with your target audience and it will allow you to stand out against your competitors! If you want to take advantage of these advantages, you will have to be regular in the publication of quality content by promoting it through social networks, emails, ...
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