Prevent Shopify Store Copy

Protect your Shopify store from copying

When you take a long time to realize your Shopify store, the last thing you want is to have your work copied in minutes.

Indeed, many Shopify users copy the shops of others, especially in the field of dropshipping.

What are the different techniques for copying content from a Shopify store?

A malicious visitor who wants to steal your content can copy your texts, your images and your pages with a simple right mouse click.

Right click

He can also see what your Bestsellers by adding /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling to your site's URL.



Worse still, it can access your theme code from your browser console to copy sections, your design etc ..

Copy the code

How to protect its content?

Fortunately there are Shopify apps as Aegis, which prevent attackers from copying content from your store.

Aegis Shopify app store

Aegis will make it possible to activate a whole range of protections to to secure your job :

Shopify Aegis App Dashboard

You can activate everything or choose the protections that interest you. It is also possible to differentiate protections on computer or mobile.

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