Shopify: how to optimize your baby store

Shopify: how to optimize your baby store

Have you been creating your baby online store for several months and yet your sales are not taking off? Are you sure your store is optimized to sell your items and reach more customers? If not, check out our tips for optimize your baby store and so increase your sales !

Have a suitable theme

In order to optimize your baby store, you must not neglect the choice of your Thème. If your theme is not suitable and therefore not optimized for your store, you will have very few sales.



With Yokaz, you will be able create your online store to sell accessories, toys and baby clothes. With its pastel colors, its childish shapes; Yokaz will be the perfect theme for your store.

With this theme, you have everything you need to showcase your business, products, team, blog, and more.

Add trendy products 

Expand your catalog with popular products that will attract visitors to your site.

Pacifier clips 

With pacifier clips, no longer waste time looking for your baby's pacifier as soon as he asks for it. They will also be a "hygienic" accessory. Being hung on your child's clothes, it will prevent it from falling regularly to the ground. Because we do not always have enough to clean his teuteuche.

In addition, some pacifier clips are customizable! You are free to enter their name, choose the color, size of the pearls, and more! 

pacifier clip

Photo albums

They allow you to write down on paper all the memories you will create with your child during his youth, to recall certain moments. Your child will be able to "read his story" there.

The photo album therefore remains a great item to sell on your store to allow your customers to keep track of all the important events that have happened.

Photo album

Wall decorations for the baby's room

The moment when you decorate the room of your future baby is often a pleasant moment, in which your infant can flourish. There you will find various wall decorations such as stickers, magnets, fluorescent lights, etc. Their cost is not high and is one of the trendy products in baby decoration.

wall decor


Baby bibs are among the best products you can sell because they are practical and avoid a lot of stains on your child's pretty outfit. Like pacifier clips, you will have the possibility to personalize it according to your desires when the site proposes it.


Offer a gift wrap option 

A baby item is often synonymous with a gift. Whether for a birth, a birthday or a baptism, an already wrapped gift is a big plus.

This is why use a Shopify app as does giftz, which allows you to add a "gift wrap" option in the shopping basket, is a significant plus. 

You will make life easier for your customers and increase your turnover easily.

If there are many e-commerce stores where we are likely to take a gift wrap option, it is those for babies / children.

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