How to find a store's Shopify theme

How to find a store's Shopify theme

If you plan to create a Shopify store or change your current theme, you can take inspiration from existing shops.

Learning about other competing online stores and discovering their themes will help you understand design trends and adjust your own business.

But then how to know the Shopify theme of an online store ?

1. Find Shopify theme ID by viewing page source code

When visiting a Shopify store using Chrome, right-click anywhere on the page and choose Show page source :

Show source code

You will then see the site code. Use the search box and find the line "Shopify.theme" which references the name and ID of a Shopify theme:

Shopify Theme

🛈 You can protect yourself from this method through the app Aegis.

2. Use a Chrome app

There are also Chrome applications capable of spying on Shopify stores to detect: the apps, the ads used but also the Topics: . What interests us here.

This is what the free extension does for example Shopify App Detector by Fera :


Its operation is simple, browse the Shopify stores that interest you and click on the extension to analyze them.

3. Use Shopify Theme Detector

As a last solution you can use one of the many sites offering a Shopify theme detector.

C'est le cas de sitelypro

theme detector

Just fill in the URL of the Shopify store that interests us and let the web app work.

Where can I find Shopify themes?

There are several platforms to get Shopify themes. The first being the Official Shopify Store Themes, which allows you to install approved and very regularly updated themes, but the choice is quite limited. 

Otherwise you can go to platforms like Themeforest which offers thousands of very advanced themes.

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