Delegate the accounting of your company to the startup Dougs

Delegate the accounting of your company to the startup Dougs

The administrative aspect, and in particular accounting, weighs on the self-employed who are short on time and find it difficult to keep abreast of ever-changing standards and obligations. The manager of a small business must be able to concentrate on his activity and delegate these purely technical tasks. The startup Dougs help them entrepreneurs to create their ., then accompanies them throughout their lives, taking charge of their accounting.

Dougs commitments

The Dougs startup was founded by five partners. They first observed the market offer and deduced that there was a lack of a flexible and agile solution that completely relieves the entrepreneur of red tape.

Dougs guarantees you full control over your accounting, without any time-consuming manual entry. The simplicity of their system is their strength and you benefit from attentive and responsive customer support.

Business creation

Dougs specializes in small structures that do not have an internal accounting department: independent, freelancers, artisans, TPE et e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Dougs intervenes upstream to advise the creator on the most judicious legal status to adopt. Telephone exchanges allow you to express your needs and then everything takes place online. You no longer worry about anything, the Dougs lawyer draws up your articles of association and takes care of the administrative formalities.

The Dougs accountant who is dedicated to you manages your tax procedures and the monitoring of your accounts. He remains at your disposal for your changes in social regime, relocation or transfer of head office.

The missions of the startup Dougs

Accounting monitoring and legal and tax declarations

Dougs offers you his online accountant services, directly available on its smartphone application. It allows you to configure the synchronization of your professional account. You keep your statements and the startup processes them.

No more boring accounting tasks and above all, you save time that you can devote to the development of your business. You also don't worry about various tax and legal deadlines. Dougs is on top of your schedule, completes all your returns on time and lets you know by notification. You only spend a few minutes per month on your accounting.


Dougs takes care of your social formalities. Hiring new employees involves making choices that affect the future of your business. Doug advises you on the statutes and then carries out the technical part: drawing up the employment contract, payslips, bonuses, incentives, increases, layoffs, contractual terminations, etc.

Processing expense reports

Processing expense reports is a real headache if you have to take care of it yourself. Dougs offers you an update in real time, by associating your current account. Your accounts are always correct and you no longer suffer from the delay for your repayments.

An overview to help you in your strategy

You are freed from tedious tasks and you benefit from an overview, day by day, with the detail of the key figures of your company. You then have the necessary perspective to scrutinize your turnover meticulously and adapt your strategy to optimize it.

You can anticipate more and manage your business with more finesse.

The annual review

Dougs realizes your Annual Review which attests to the consistency of your accounts, but its mission does not end there. The balance sheet of a company is a photograph at an instant T that should be studied carefully. Dougs deciphers the numbers for you and helps you choose the best options to optimize your cash flow, better pay you and put in place the right strategy to make the next balance sheet even better.

You do not of course worry about the technical and administrative part of transmitting your documents to the tax authorities.

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