Connect an OVH domain name to Shopify


OVH is one of the most used web hosts to buy a domain. Many e-merchants wish to connect their OVH domain name to their Shopify store.

If you are in the same situation then follow this guide.

Go to the OVH domain name page

And click on DNS Zone :

click on DNS Zone

 Next, reset your DNS zone:

reset your DNS zone

In the window that opens, select "Yes, I want to reset my DNS zone with the minimum entries.":

reset my DNS zone with the minimum entries.

Then choose thecustom IP address which will have the value: and OVH e-mail server. Complete the reset of the DNS zone by clicking on validate:

IP address and mail server

Once this is done, all that remains is to modify the DNS Zone that has just been created.

Modify the DNS Zone

Starting by deleting the entries TXT :

delete TXT entries

And finish by modifying the entry CNAME by (Remember the point):



And now, it's over ! You now know how to connect an OVH domain name to Shopify in a few clicks.



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