Block access to your shopify store for certain countries

Block access to your Shopify store for certain countries

When selling online, there may be several reasons for block access to its Shopify store for certain countries.

Through this article, you will discover which ones and how to block geographical areas through the Shopify application Aegis.

Credit card fraud

Any e-merchant who has been selling online for a while has been confronted at least once with a credit card fraud.

Indeed, some countries such as China, Russia or some African countries are well known for being privileged places to "hack" and "swindle" people on the web.

When you notice a credit card fraud on your Shopify store, it is often too late. The funds corresponding to the fraudulent order are recalled by the bank, but you will have already shipped the items in the meantime. It's a dead loss for your business.

according to Stripe, credit card fraud has exploded since the pandemic.

Stripe Fraud Post Pandemic

You only ship to certain countries

If you only ship your products to certain countries, there's no need to waste time with visitors from unaffected countries. Because they will only see it when ordering.

In addition, your advertising tools, your pixels, will take care of data relating to these customers who are not eligible for delivery. Which is a waste of time and therefore money.

Restricting access to his shop may therefore be a good idea in this case.

How to restrict access to your Shopify store with Aegis?

Aegis is an Shopify app which allows you to protect your Shopify store from content copying. But not only !

The latest update now allows block access to certain countries in the world, via the tab Country Blocker :

country blocker

You can choose from all the countries in the world, which ones you want to allow access and which ones you want to block.

You can also display a message for unauthorized countries.


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