4 apps to customize Shopify's search function

4 apps to customize Shopify's search function

As the holder of a Shopify store you most certainly have a search function. However, this is quite basic and does not always return the desired results. However, today, most Internet users use this function in order to find what they are looking for more quickly. It is therefore necessary to optimize this Shopify search function as well as possible. For this, several applications are available. Discover the four that we have selected for you, and which will allow you toincrease your turnover !

Smart Search & Instant Search

smart search and instant search

Smart Search & Instant Search is an application that will allow you to offer your visitors a intelligent and instant search. Indeed, when the Internet user types the search words, the application will instantly provide him with suggestions. In addition, the results page offers unlimited filter possibilities to more precisely target what you are looking for, and offers very interesting options such as quick view, add to cart and comments. So you can quickly turn your prospects into customers!

PHEBI Voice Search

PHEBI Voice Search

 Today, more and more Internet users access the Internet from their mobile. The application Phebi Voice Search is particularly useful for this type of visitors. Indeed, they will no longer need to enter words in the search bar because the application allows you to voice search for products. Internet users will only have to state the desired product in order to see the corresponding page appear. This therefore considerably reduces the sales funnel, and the shorter the path, the more sales!

Search Watch

search veil

Search Hider is a somewhat special application since it allows you to hide products which should not be found by Internet users during their search. This can be useful when, for example, you want certain pages to remain accessible only to certain customers (individuals / professionals for example), or when certain products are not available for purchase but are offered when orders meet certain criteria. Products thus masked will also be masked on search engines.

Dynamic Search Placeholder

Dynamic Search Placeholder

Dynamic Search Placeholder is an app that provides your visitors with research ideas. Thus, depending on the products available in your store, search suggestions will be offered to your visitors. This allows them to discover products that they did not necessarily think of when opening your site. You can easily adjust the suggestions presented by the application.

These four search applications are very complementary, and nothing prevents you from combining them to offer your visitors a unique experience. Either way, even independently of each other, they will allow you to generate new sales on your Shopify store.

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